Dapas improves your existing work processes

  • How do I shorten the turnaround time of the annual accounts for my clients?
  • Do we not spend too many hours on that new assignment?
  • Can we connect our software so we can get more out of our software?
  • Are we allowed to service this new client?
  • Can we already start servicing the new client? 
Dapas Software answers these questions.

Our people

Does this mean that we are a tough high-tech IT company? Certainly! But our specialists sincerely understand that new IT also stands for organizational change. We also understand that careful introduction to your employees is necessary. Because if your employees say 'yes', but do they just think 'no'? Then you usually have a problem. That is why we ensure that the 'soft side' succeeds in the implementation within your office (organization).

In close cooperation with our customers and partners, we are working on ever better IT services. That gives a lot of satisfaction and energy. Every day again!

Dapas Process Manager

Our 'core' product. 'The glue' that connects the applications that your organization uses in the most efficient way. The DPM links your existing accountancy software and thus ensures the complete automation of your work process.


Dapas Compliance Manager

As can be deduced from the product name, the DCM is about managing the entire compliance process within an accountancy and / or administration office. It does not matter which organization you are a member of, we have all the flavors in house.