Dapas Compliance Manager

The first SAAS solution in the field of customer and order acceptances for the Audit and non Audit.

Dapas is a young software company that focuses specifically on the accountancy industry with a strong focus on Optimization of work processes, Compliance and providing Insight. At the moment, the only one on the market with a workflow engine, the Dapas Process Manager, which has been specially developed and set up for accountants and administration offices. 


In January 2018 Dapas started the development of a completely new product,... the Dapas Compliance Manager. This is because of the great need in the accountancy market for an integrated compliance solution. To realize this, new development methods and good project management are required within Dapas. To develop the DCM, additional knowledge and new functions are required within Dapas.

Partly thanks to SNN's Knowledge and Innovation scheme 2018, Dapas has been able to hire a project manager and senior developer. 

The Dapas Compliance Manager is made possible by SNN