More grip, more insight, more efficiency with the DPM

You want more control over your work processes and more efficiency. Software packages that do not want to 'talk' to each other contribute to this in a negative way. The Dapas Process Manager (DPM) therefore helps you with:

  • Standardization of your processes
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Comply with compliance requirements
  • More grip, more control

The DPM integrates the various software packages you work with and enforces standard methods. For example, a process can not be started when the order confirmation is still missing. In addition to this (supervising) function, the DPM also has a monitoring function. The DPM maps out the status of the various assignments for you, which process steps still have to be taken and whose hands are involved in the different process steps (audit trails). This gives you insight and overview.


Management Dashboard

The DPM also provides you with management information. The graphs within the DPM Management Dashboard show directly to which phases workflows have been completed and where they may stagnate. You can look at the level of the individual user, at team level and at office level. This provides usable steering information.

In order to make DPM work vigorously, we deliberately do not deliver customization. Why? Because customization increases costs, slows down and does not fit within our strategy. We think that is a more than legitimate reason. DPM is taken on the basis of the use per client of an accounting firm.